SHAME On Yvette Machado Tuinier!!!

On May 11th, Yvette Machado took the stage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, delivering a speech that was filled with hate, incitement, blood libels, racism, and antisemitism! A link to the speech is attached below.

Exposing Hate: The Truth About Yvette Machado

Antisemitism has no place in our world. It spreads hate, incites violence, and perpetuates dangerous stereotypes. This website is dedicated to exposing the harmful views of Yvette Machado, an individual who actively promotes violence against Jews and denies the legitimacy of Israel.

Misrepresentation of the Truth: False Claims of Genocide

Yvette Machado Tuinier falsely accuses Israel of conducting genocide against Palestinians. This claim is a blatant misrepresentation of the truth. Genocide, by definition, is the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. However, the facts tell a different story. Over the past decade, the population of Gaza has increased by more than 25%, growing from approximately 1.8 million in 2014 to about 2.3 million in 2023. This significant population growth starkly contradicts the notion of a genocidal campaign. While the conflict between Israel and Gaza is complex and has resulted in significant hardship and loss, the false accusation of genocide only serves to inflame tensions and spread misinformation, rather than contributing to a constructive dialogue for peace and understanding.

Misleading Slogans: The Truth About "Free Palestine"

Yvette Machado Tuinier frequently uses the slogan “Free Palestine,” implying that Palestine was an independent country that needs liberation. However, this claim is historically inaccurate. Palestine was never declared an independent country. The region has been under various administrations throughout history, including the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate, and currently a complex administrative arrangement involving Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas in Gaza. The call to “Free Palestine” often oversimplifies a deeply complex geopolitical situation and misleads people about the historical and current realities. Instead of promoting a false narrative, we should focus on supporting genuine efforts towards a peaceful and just resolution that acknowledges the rights and aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Mislabeling Zionism: The False Equation with Terrorism

Yvette Machado Tuinier falsely equates Zionism with terrorism, a claim that is both historically and factually inaccurate. Zionism is a nationalist movement that began in the late 19th century with the aim of establishing a Jewish homeland in the region historically known as Israel. It is rooted in the cultural, religious, and historical ties of the Jewish people to this land. Labeling Zionism as terrorism distorts its true nature and purpose. While the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has seen violence from various parties, equating the foundational Jewish aspiration for self-determination with terrorism is misleading and inflammatory. Such rhetoric only serves to deepen divisions and hinder the pursuit of peace and mutual understanding.

Setting the Record Straight: Israel’s Fight Against Terrorism

Contrary to Yvette’s claims, Israel does not target civilians. Instead, it fights a designated terrorist organization named Hamas. Hamas is responsible for numerous deadly attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers. Moreover, Hamas maintains its control over the Gaza Strip through fear and violence, oppressing its own population and using them as human shields. Israel’s military actions are aimed at neutralizing this threat, striving to protect both Israeli and Palestinian lives. By combating Hamas, Israel is addressing the root cause of the conflict, positioning itself not as part of the problem, but as a crucial part of the solution in the quest for peace and security in the region.

Conclusion: Unmasking the Deception

Yvette Machado’s rhetoric is not just a series of dangerous lies; it is a calculated assault on truth and decency, exploiting ignorance to spread hate and division. Her baseless accusations of genocide against Israel crumble under the weight of evidence, as Gaza’s population continues to grow. Her cries of “Free Palestine” deliberately ignore the historical complexities and realities, twisting a slogan into a weapon of misinformation. By labeling Zionism as terrorism, she grotesquely distorts a legitimate movement for Jewish self-determination. Such flagrant misrepresentations reveal a disturbing agenda: to incite hatred and obstruct peace. It is imperative that we unmask these deceptions and confront her vile propaganda with unyielding truth. Together, we must stand against this tide of ignorance and hate, championing a future built on knowledge, justice, and unity.

Legal Note

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